Power Broken Down

Power can be broken down into two categories: control and influence. NOTE, control is not the same as influence. If you have the perspective that you can control other people you are going down the wrong path.

While you can’t control others, you can facilitate their growth and persuade them to make decisions and actions in their best interest, and push them outside of their comfort zones. This type of power is known as influence.

Control is having power over something. You have power over a rock when you pick it up and throw it around. You have power over your body when you move around.

The problem with control is that we think that we’re completely in control most of the time. We have the illusion that we are in control where in reality the older brains I describe in my book are really running the show.

In Man Transformation, David DeAngelo starts of by saying “your mind has you by the balls. And your balls have you by the mind.”

Your mind has you by the balls because you don’t direct most of your thinking. You simulate reality thinking your awake and in control.

Your balls have the by the mind because the primal part of you, that deep hard-wiring your ancestors developed is really running the show… and your balls which are making these powerful chemicals which really controlling you.

We’re in control enough so we wouldn’t do something stupid, so we can have the illusion that we’re really in of control, so we can decieve ourselves and cover the tracks of our own deception.

In The Psychology of Man’s Possible Evolution Ouspenski calls man a machine. A machine is something controlled by external forces. And a machine isn’t alive. (It’s an irony than men fear death when death is where we are at when compared to where we could be. Instead of avoiding death we should be striving for life.)

While man may not completely be a machine, a part of us is, and when we’re asleep metaphorically, the machine is in the house. Some people call this “being on autopilot.” Ever drive down the highway and not be aware that your driving? Like you just show up to your destination without memory of the trip there. It’s highway hypnosis.

Remember the movie Click? Whenever he fast forwarded into the future he never really fast-forwarded. When we’re on autopilot we’re running on pre-programed behaviors called habits. From one perspective habit is necessary for survival. Man is a habitual creature. Breaks in routine causes us to experience stress.

From another perspective, habit is running our lives. Have you ever heard, “habit is destiny?” Ever try to break a bad habit or create a new positive one? It’s not that easy. That’s what I mean by being out of control.

From one perspective, we’re robots most of the time; we’re machines. And guess who doesn’t want robots?

  1. High quality women, total tens, who would be great to build a relationship with
  2. And if your spiritual, God, the most powerful non-being, who, if you believe in it, will determine your home and responsibilities in eternity

When Ouspenski called man a machine he also said that we were a special type of machine. We’re a machine that can wake up to being a machine and cease to be machines. So how do you wake up out of being robots?

It’s complicated.

One place to start is by looking at being on autopilot again. When are we in autopilot? Well we’re on autopilot when we fast forward. So if the machine is running when we’re on autopilot, where are we in this equation?

Well we’re probably somewhere else. Maybe in the past, maybe in the future. When we’re in the past or in the future we’re on autopilot.

In relationship to power, how much control do you have over the past? None. The past is gone. And the future? None really. We can aim for the future, goal-setting and problem solving, but we can’t really control the future.

What about the present? In the present present we can make decisions. We can’t make decisions in the past or the future. A part of the definition of a living thing is makes decisions. When we’re in the present we’re the most truly alive.

Right now what you can do is practice cultivating presence.